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What's a fanlisting and why would I want to join one?
A fanlisting is simply a list of fans from all over the world that have banded together via The Fanlistings to show their mutual love and/or obsession over a certain concept, person, place or thing. And also, to create the largest online listing of fans. The Fanlistings was birthed by Jeanine Mischor, and can be found here

Who is Anubis? Anubis is the jackal headed guardian of the Underworld, and Judge of the souls of the dead. If you love, worship or study Anubis, or are obsessed with Egyptian culture in general then you should grab a code and join.

Update: March 10, 2008.

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fallen: the fallen angel fanlisting
eclipse: the dark magick fanlisting
the egyptian mythology fanlisting
mistress of heaven: the hathor fanlisting

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