FUCK rules! But here are some anyway. Because I love to contradict myself and hear the sound of my own typing.
1. You have to be a serious bitch with attitude defects.
2. You have to be an RPG member of any kind.
3.  Fill out the form completely. If it doesn't work it's because you're not good enough. Email me your info if the form exhibits fuckwittage.
4. If you submit a site you MUST link back to us. If you don't there's nothing really horrible I can do, but if I'm extra bored I make make a website all about you. 
5. Regarding your site: please, no annoying MIDIs, TyPiNG LiKe tHiS or chatspeak. No racist shit, bestiality shit or pedophilia garbage. Also, no cheesy graphics, blinking lights, stupid colour schemes or drippy 'Im so gawwwth' bloodbars. 
Oh, and please put the fucking code up. ----------------------------->>>

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  Welcome to Elitist-Bitch, the clique for RPG snots who are
  waaaay too good to reply to non-clique members' threads
  because, hey, we just think we're better than you.

  We are.

 // about
Do you find yourself playing picky-threads on the various RPGs
  that you post to because you don't feel that any of the replies
  you get are worthy?

  Are you a raging, psychotic, narcissistic bitch?

  Do YOU even bow down before you?

  Do you frequently form roleplaying 'cliques' and ONLY roleplay
  with said members of those cliques?

  Does other people's misery make you laugh?

  If you answered yes to any of the above questions and are
  an active or semi-active member of an online or offline
  roleplaying community, then this is the clique for you!


 // the bitches
 001. Eisdamme...USA...@...www
 002. Undine...USA...@...www
 003. Sar...Wales...@...www
 004. ElaineMc...USA...@...www
 005. Rosana...USA...@...www


 DO NOT DIRECT LINK ME. I will break
 out the whips and chains if you do.
 Please upload images to your own
 fucking server and link back to


Here is what it should look like:

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