-the thirteenth hour-

The official site for 'The Thirteenth Hour' novels by Aeryainne M.S. Amadis-Noel and Lia R. Kelly, owned by eisdamme+undine. Has moved to thirteenth-hour.net.

- triarch's personal sites-

Eisdamme's personal site, full of far too much information and general insanity---and looking like ass-disorganisation. On hiatus for the moment for that very same reason, though the splash is still available.

just breathe
Undine's personal site. Skeletal, but coming along.


-hostees: personal sites-

the vanity
Claudia's personal site, collective & more. Owned by Claudia.

-hostees: fanlistings & fanlisting related-

The fanlisting for Kate Winslet movies,  Owned by Nora.


The fanlisting for the character or Jeff Bebe from the film Almost Famous,  Owned by Sara.


-hostees: fansites-

call to darkness
Buffy and Angel fanfiction site with much wonderful ficcage, owned by the wittily literate Patricia.

darla: new, improved + revamped
Wonderfully extensive site devoted to Darla  of BtVS, with much great fic, as well as a wealth of Darla-centric information and resources, owned by the lovely and talented Christine.

nobody's baby
Comprehensive site and fanlisting for the actor Don Alvarado, owned by Eisdamme.

An Angel and Buffy shipper directory, resource and interactive site, owned by the ubertalented Seersha.

The futuristic Virtual-Series, featuring the BtVS cast in a whole new, amazingly interesting setting, with complete episodes and much interactiveness, run by Blitzgal.

insane drusilla
Interesting and lovely site dedicated to Drusilla, of BtVS, run by Hannah.



elitist bitch
The semiserious clique for RPG elitists, owned by Eisdamme.

The clique for suicide, owned by Roberta.


-roleplay sites-

The official site of Harry Potter roleplay, 'Clairvoyance', owned by Heather & Marie.

The official site of the BtVS/AtS roleplay, 'Totentanz', owned by Eisdamme. Roleplay is on hiatus, but the site's still open, and will be archiving posts.

-other sites-

The memorial site for the fondly remembered and much-missed Doug Conwell, owned by Eisdamme + Undine.

as yet untitled
The memorial site for Eisdamme's mother, owned by Eisdamme.

shiverytail poopypaws
The virtual shrine & memorial of Sterling, owned by Eisdamme.