-get hosted?-

I'm looking for the following type of sites:
- personal/blog sites
- fanlistings/cliques
- hatelistings
- fansites
- fic archives
- writing sites

Have something else? Submit it and see.


- The site you want to be hosted here should be already up so I can take a look. (Or at least send me a screenshot)

- No drag & droppy stuff, please? In other words, your site MUST be in HTML. That and your site cannot crash my computer due to pop-ups, etc.

- Please know HTML, if you don't, learn and then come back. You don't have to be an HTML genius, just know enough to not blind my eyes.

- Know FTP.

- Have some marginally decent graphic skills.

- Please update every 3-4 mos at least. I'm REALLY lax on this.

- Let me know what goes on with your site as far as hiatus or closing it.

- Do NOT have huge galleries-o-crap unless you've cleared it with me first! Suck up someone else's bandwidth, not mine.

- You must link me somewhere on the site. Cause I'm hosting you.

- This is my domain, therefore, I can choose whoever I want to host.

- Do not contact me multiple times about you wanting me to host you.

What you get:
- 5-15 ad-free space/bandwidth. More on a case-by case basis.
- http://deadtime.net/you
- http://fan.deadtime.net/you (fanlistings only)
- you@deadtime.net (optional forwarding or general email account)
- MySQL databases (FanAdmin, PHPFanbase, Flinx, Currently, etc will work.)

What you don't get:
- the ability to upload any huge ass files like .mp3's, .zip's, etc. If you do I will delete it off of your site and if it happens again, I may consider deleting your entire site.
- http://you.deadtime.net
If for any reason I reject your entry, I won't email you. If you have not received an email after a week, more than likely I rejected it. Please don't keep resubmitting. There are an assload of places to get hosted, okay?

Unlike before, I am a lot more strict about who gets to be hosted here. My standards are a kinda high. Don't be disappointed if you do not get hosted here, just try somewhere else.

Email me at eisdammeATtampabayDOTrrDOTcom and use the subject line 'Hosting Request'.