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If you're not sure who Alan Cumming is---well, why are you here? Click the about link for more information, or jump to the filmography. Or---why don't you visit his official site?

Submitted via Katie: lastminute.com has just set up an Alan Cumming Bent blog. It features video diaries, (backstage with Alan!!), director, Lloyd Wood's journal entries, and stacks of information about the play. Visitors can also post their questions and comments. The theatre sends through new content every couple of days... it's really exciting! You can check it out here: www.bent.lastminuteliving.com. Thanks, Katie!

March 10, 2008. Converted to Php Fanbase! (Thanks Sasha!!) And many, many thanks to Heini @ blue-delusions.net for all the lovely, lovely SQL conversion! All is well, and I may even be able to get some damn content up here, now!


Check his official site! AlanCumming[dot]com