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Goodnight & Goodluck (2005) Eddie Scott
The Aviator (2004) Glen Odekirk
Rose Red
(2002) Emery Waterman
Just Visiting (2001) [Gallery] as Hunter
American Psycho (2000) [Gallery] as Luis Carruthers
Company Man (2000) as ?
Wonder Boys (2000) [Gallery] as ?
Pushing Tin (1999) as Ron Hewitt
Homegrown (1998)
Last Days Of Disco, The (1998) as Dan Powers
Face/Off (1997) [Gallery] as Loomis
Buffalo Soldiers (1997)
The Hotel Manor Inn (1997)
Ed's Next Move (1996)
PCU (1995) as Raji

TV Appearances
Big Love Alby Grant in 9 episodes: 2006
Numb3rs Joel Hellman in episode: "Provenance" 2006
Justice D.A. Stormer (pilot) 2006 Invasion Vince Teracoma in episode: "The Hunt" (episode # 1.6) 26 October 2005
Six Feet Under Daniel Showalter in episode: "You Never Know" (episode # 3.2) 9 March 2003
Touched by an Angel Pete in episode: "The Root of All Evil" (episode # Third Watch Leonard in episode: "History of the World" (episode # 1.8) 21 November 1999
Oz Officer Anthony Nowakowski (as Matthew Brandon Ross) in episode: "A Game of Checkers" (episode # 1.8) 25 August 1997

[Okay---it's not a bio really, but it's Matt related randomness collected from various scant sources. Hopefully it will be a bio one day.]

From the American Psycho Site:
Matt Ross' (Luis Carruthers) most recent film is Disney's THE VISITORS. He has also appeared in COMPANY MAN, WONDER BOYS, PUSHING TIN, THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO, FACE OFF, HOMEGROWN, TWELVE MONKEYS, ED'S NEXT MOVE, P.C.U. and YOU ARE HERE. In television, his credits include HBO's "OZ," "Buffalo Soldiers," "Love Kills" and a guest lead role on "Party of Five." A graduate of The Juilliard School, Ross has appeared in stage productions ranging from Broadway's "The Rise and Fall of Little Voice" to Off-Broadway's "Mojo," "Twelve Dreams" and "The Merchant of Venice."

Matt on playing Emery Waterman:
Matt Ross brings a remarkable range and breadth of acting experience to his role as Emery Waterman, the post-cognitive anti-hero. "Emery was something I'd never done, physically and literally," says Ross. "I saw that his character was written with a great deal of humanity. You dislike him but understand him. "

"I gained 25 pounds in four weeks for the role, plus they added a special effects suit for me, adding another 50 pounds," he says. "Then add in the glasses, the hair and the sallow makeup and the physicality becomes a clear character trait. The script is itself very clear about the emotional transformation. I tried to make it work inside out and outside in."

Ross has appeared in such films as The Visitors, American Psycho, Pushing Tin, The Last Days of Disco, Face Off, Twelve Monkeys.
The Oregon native - he attended the University of Washington prior to receiving his MFA at The Juilliard School - was happy to be back in Seattle for the shoot.

MATT ROSS AS JONAS. (Role played by Wil Wheaton) "Who?" The star of the indie hit Ed's Next Move and bit player in films like 12 Monkeys and Face/Off. Ironically, an actor not nearly as well-known as the one who wound up with the role, Wil. In Matt's case, we couldn't even find his agent.

Photo Gallery [click on an image to open it in its own window] Well, not yet.

Rose Red

American Psycho

Just Visiting

Ed's Next Move

Pushing Tin

The Last Days of Disco


Culled from the Michigan Daily Online

'Actor tells all about a career in acting, life in NYC and Sean Penn'
By Kelly Xintaris
Daily Arts Writer

Actor Matt Ross cruises down Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, answering interview questions with all the charming self-assurance of someone who is going places. If his portrayal of Eddie Brodsky in the recently released film "Ed's Next Move" is any indication, Ross is headed in the right direction.

The promising young newcomer was in Los Angeles on Tuesday for the premiere of "Ed's Next Move," an independent picture that won critical acclaim at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. Ross felt "very fortunate" for the success of the film, referring to it as "a cute movie."

Instead of copying early "Generation X" era films like "Reality Bites" or "Singles," the movie centers on a delightfully offbeat guy searching for love in New York City. "The idea of (Generation X) films doesn't bother me because they tend to be about people who are very self-reflective - people who are going through times in their lives where they really analyze what the hell they're doing with their lives, and I find that to be really accurate for a lot of my friends," Ross said.

After viewing the natural ease with which Ross plays Eddie, one has to wonder: Is he anything like the character he plays? Ross chuckled at the question. He explained that when a critic at a Toronto screening asked it, he replied: "It's called ACTING."

Ross shares the title character's experience of living in the East Village and trying to find an apartment in New York, which he said is "probably unlike finding an apartment in any other American city. There's scarce property and it's very expensive." (Sound familiar?) Eddie's small town roots also parallel Ross's own small town Oregon background, though Ross has also lived in Italy, England and Africa.

The similarities basically end there. "In terms of (Eddie's) naivete and innocence, I think I'm a little more jaded. Jaded and dark. I'm sort of cynical, I think. He's certainly optimistic," Ross pointed out.

Referring to the scene in which Eddie tries to pick up his love interest, Lee (Callie Thorne), at the Yalta cafe, Ross admitted, "The truth of the matter is, I don't know that I would approach someone that I didn't know in a cafe anyway ... I'm probably too shy to do that."

And what of the other cast members, including Kevin Carroll, who plays Ed's roommate, Ray? "We're definitely all friends." Ross even used Thorne as the female lead in his short film, which was shot in New York. Though Ross went to Julliard and has lived in New York for a while now, he joked, "I'm getting tired of living in a box, I have to say. I like it better than L.A., but it's wearing thin."

Since "Ed's Next Move" was shot in 1994, Ross has been in "P.C.U." and "12 Monkeys," in which he played an animal rights activist. Of that particular role, Ross commented, "When you only have a couple of lines you're relegated to the background. It's not that much fun, you know, it's like you're standing around all the time picking your nose."

Comparing the offscreen environment of "P.C.U." to college, Ross said, "Everyone was getting drunk, going to parties, going to bars, running around, you know. Kids with money." After his series of movie work, Ross went back to the theater, which he started doing at the age of 12. In the future, Ross aspires to become "an actor / writer-director ... kind of like what Sean Penn has evolved into."

Ross admires Penn not only for his talent, but also because he considers him "someone who sort of acted, and made enough money to support his film habit." Along with the physical resemblance between Ross and Madonna's ex, envisioning a similar ascent to stardom is hardly a stretch. After all, this is a man who is going places.