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Full Length Albums
Serpentine Gallery Cleopatra,1995.  Their dark, lush and theatrical full-length debut - definitely their best album!
Track Listing:
Bad Trash, Dissolve, Wallflower, Wrecking
Yard, Clown, Cocoon, Dollhouse, Sweet, Gutter Glitter, Mine Eyes, Bloody Knuckles.
Bread and Jam for Frances Cleopatra, 1997.  Introduced trip-hop elements into their sound.
Track Listing: Witches, Dirty Dog, Rollercoaster, Situation #58, Soldiers, Sleep, Funnel,
Insect, Rampid, Situation #9, Sheep, Fractal, Sick Mary, Episode G15
Three Calamities Cleopatra, 1999.  A fusion of their two previous albums.
Track Listing: Invisible, Wicked, Naked Birthday, Fear, Monster, Therapy, Copycat,
Green, Into The Sky, Anmorata.

Singles, EP's & Imports

Fable EP Self-released cassette, 1991.
Track Listing: Gutter Glitter, Bad Trash, Chain, Mine Eyes,
Rain, Bloody Knuckles
Self-released cassette, 1992. Sold at early shows. Out of print.
Track Listing: Clown, Dollhouse, Numb, Ride 
Clown CD-SINGLE Cleopatra,1996. 
Track Listing:Clown (from Serpentine Gallery), Clown (LeŠther Strip remix)  and Night Shift (Siouxsie and the Banshees cover).
Drool CD-SINGLE Cleopatra, 1997. 
Track Listing: Drool (Mother), Clown (Transmutator vs. Razed in Black remix) and Soldiers (from Bread and Jam for Frances).
Scrapbook EP Self-released, 1997.  Limited edition, out-of-print EP that was sold on tour.
Track Listing: Chain, Rain, Dissolve (Rat Scabies remix), Dollhouse (Keith Hildebrandt remix), Numb, Ride, Dollhouse (live at Slim's in San Francisco), interview on Live 105
Bread and Jam for Frances IMPORT EXTRA TRACKS Japanese import, 1997. 
Track Listing: Witches, Dirty Dog, Rollercoaster, Situation #58, Soldiers, Sleep, Funnel,
Insect, Rampid, Situation #9, Sheep, Fractal, Sick Mary, Episode G15 Includes Dollhouse (Damned mix) and Dollhouse (live).
  Sinister Nostalgia Cleopatra, 2001
Track Listing:Sweet (Apoptygma Berzerk Mix)Dollhouse (Razed In Black Mix)Dissolve (Messy Mix) Cocoon (Meegs Mix)Clown (Mother's Mix)Insect (6 AM Eternal Mix)Dissolve (Keith Hillebrandt Mix)Invisible (Endanger Mix)Rampid (Shining Mix)Witches (Temple Of Rain Mix) Naked Birthday (Gothtastic Mix)Cocoon (Rosetta Stone Mix)Dirty Dog (Enrapture Mix)
Wicked (Exit Signs Mix)

Gothik Cleopatra, 1995.  Includes Gutter Glitter (from Serpentine Gallery). Gothic Rock 2: 80s into the 90s Cleopatra, 1995.  Includes Wallflower (from Serpentine Gallery).
Goth Box BOX SET Cleopatra, 1996.  Includes Dissolve (from Serpentine Gallery). Reflections in the Looking Glass: A Tribute to Siouxsie and the Banshees Cleopatra, 1996.  Cover of Night Shift.
Into the Mix Hypnotic, 1997.  Includes Clown (Astralasia remix). Goths Undead BOX SET Cleopatra,1997.  Includes Sweet (3.1 Whatever mix by Rosetta Stone).
Retail Slut: Burning From the Outside Hypnotic, 1998.  Includes Clown (from Serpentine Gallery). Gothspotting Cleopatra, 1998.  Includes Witches (from Bread and Jam for Frances).
Call on the Dark: Volume 2 Nuclear Blast, 1998.  Includes Funnel (from Bread and Jam for Frances). The Black Bible BOX SET Cleopatra, 1998.  Includes Drool (Mother).
Vol 2:Virgin Voices Cleopatra, 2000.  A Madonna tribute with a Switchblade Symphony cover of Lucky Star. Disease of Lady Madeline Anubis, 1994.  Includes Chain (from Fable EP and Elegy EP).
The Goth Box Video Companion Cleopatra, 1996.  Includes the video for Clown (from Serpentine Gallery).