1. He smelled like dryer sheets, usually. On a rare occasion it was 'monkey cage' but usually it was dryer sheets.

2. He would come running to the door to greet me, and follow me around, not wanting food, just wanting me to let him into my bedroom so he could sleep there.

3. He was never noisy, and only this past two years did he become vocal at all---making the cutest noises---noises that were sometimes very uncatlike.

4. Whenever I was ill or upset he would come and lay his head on my chest if I was lying down. If I was sitting he would come and sit in my lap.

5. He loved to sit in my lap while I played Diablo 2.

6. He never peed on *anything* except where he was supposed to.

7. His nose was cold and wet and he loved it when I would scratch the bridge of it.

8. All the time he would roll over onto his back and let me scratch his belly----sometimes he would curl his little paws around my fingers while I was doing it.

9. He purred alot.

10. He was submissive and sweet---and he loved Sonny like a brother.

11. Catnip made him drool and roll around with his head in the bowl.

This is completely unfinished. It's also very hard.