Beth MacKenzie

Name: Beth Mackenzie
Birth-date: 3rd September 1982
Birthplace: London, England
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Apparent Age: N/A
Occupation: Wolfram and Hart assassin
Height: 5ft 6
Weight: 130 pounds
Build: Small
General Fitness: Good
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour and length/style: Long, Blonde
Distinguishing Characteristics: A scar that runs over her left eyelid and slightly under her left eye.  Its noticable if you know where to look.
Residence: A flea-bagged place in a bad part of town
Nationality/accent/native language: English
Species: Human

Good/Bad: Bad
Weapons/Magic Items: A fancy knife (not as good as Faith's but better than the normal ones), any kind of weapon really.
Fighting style if any: She was taught kick-boxing but wouldn't stand a chance against someone like Angel.  She might just be able to take Gunn.
Skills/Talents: Evading law enforcement, gymnastics, kick-boxing
Known Relatives: She ! hasn't seen any of her relatives since she was 14
Hobbies: Kicking a punchbag, watching TV

Knowledge Of Demons: None, she's only been sent after humans up until now
Romantic Involvement (s): None
Religious Affiliation: None
Superstitions: None
 She has a tough exterior and won't let anyone get beneath it.  Inside, she's a scared little girl, but you sees this as a weakness. 
 Hence the fact she likes answering back with stupid answers e.g "Shut up" "Get a life"
Education: None, kicked out of school before her GCSEs

Special Abilities: Kick-boxing, gymnastics
Weaknesses: Just being a normal human.  
Miscellaneous: Despite her happy-being-evil appearance, inside she's a scared girl.  She keeps this surpressed
 but its going to come out some time or another...

Reason for Being in Sunnydale/Los Angeles: Assassin for Wolfram and Hart
Local Associates: Lilah
Fears and Phobias: Getting killed
Loves: Beating up people
Hatreds: Killing people
Background (Family): Beth was a teenage pregnancy and immediately put up for adoption.  Then she was put into a
children's home aged 7, got kicked out of there aged 15.  She became a pickpocket, shop lifter and eventually became a
drug dealer.  She got busted in England so went to America to carry on.  After a few months of crime, she was approached by
Wolfram and Hart who recruited her as an assassin.  


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