Creating a character
(otherwise known as the Infamous Bio Sheet)

You can play a character from the movie, or create your own.
If you would like to play a core character, please 
contact me first.
If you're not sure how to get started, consider reading
the RPG
character help page

Also, if you're creating an original character, please take the
mary sue litmus test first and mail me the results!

Be sure to be as descriptive as possible, and keep it fairly realistic and in the Buffy/Angelverse as much as
you are able. I'm not an uberdictator, but please, no requests to play Anime Characters, Xena or Highlanders.

Unless you can really convince me!


Cut and paste this form, and fill it out to the best of your ability.

                                                                                                           *BIO SHEET*





Age: (Actual age)

Apparent Age: (For immortal characters- what age do they appear to be?)





General Fitness:

Eye Colour:

Hair Colour and length/style:

Distinguishing Characteristics:


Nationality/accent/native language:

Species: (If demon, please specify a type- you may make one up)

Good/Bad: (What side does your character fight on? Are they good, or evil- or
are they undecided, neutral, or sort of in transit- bouncing between both?)

Weapons/Magic Items:

Fighting style if any:


Known Relatives:


Knowledge Of Demons: ( Basically- do they know that demons exist, and how much do
they know?)

Marital Status:

Romantic Involvement (s):

Religious Affiliation:




Special Abilities: (Witchcraft, hypnotism, telekinesis, extensive knowledge of
martial arts, computer hacking, lock picking, multi-lingual, superhuman
strength... list 'em. Note that not all abilities have to deal with the
supernatural. If your character's a witch, you can just say 'Witch'
(but please state the   level- example: 'Beginner' or 'Advanced'), or if they have all of
the strengths of vampires, you can just say 'Vampire'.)

Weaknesses: (Any and all weaknesses. These can be emotion or psychological,
but also should be physical [how they can be killed and/or severely harmed].
Again, you can just say 'Vampire', if they're a vampire, or 'Human', if they
 have all of the weaknesses of a human. Sorry, no invulnerable characters allowed!)

Miscellaneous: (Any bits of info that don't fit the other categories, but you
feel should nonetheless be noted. Optional.)

Reason for Being in Sunnydale/Los Angeles:

Local Associates:

Fears and Phobias:





Background (Family):

Background (Personal):