Kaisa Wilhoit

Name: Kaisa Wilhoit
Birth-date: None - she rather came into being
Birthplace: The human mind
Gender: Female
Age: (Actual age) Nobody knows for sure. Definitely from Before Christ
Apparent Age: Early twenties
Occupation: Mischief maker
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125lbs
Build: Slender
General Fitness: *Very* fit, in a supercharged sort of way
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour and length/style: Dark brown/black with a white streak.     
Shoulder length and curly

Distinguishing Characteristics: The white streak makes her a little     
distinctive. A tattoo of a spiral around her navel

Residence: LA

Nationality/accent/native language: Passes as American of mixed race.
She likes to change her appearance every so often

Species: (If demon, please specify a type- you may make one up) Ex-God

Good/Bad: Kaisa was a Chaos God, back in the day. She is not really good
or evil, but somewhere in the grey area between. She would say she "likes to shake things up"

Weapons/Magic Items: She has a slingshot she has become very attached
to. It belonged to a mortal lover many thousands of years ago

Fighting style if any: She prefers not to put herself into fighting     
situations, but if pressed tends to run away

Skills/Talents: Talent for convincing others to do her will. Can "fade" 
through walls etc as her form is not terribly corporeal she refers to this as "going misty".

Known Relatives: Only the one brother. To the best of her knowledge, her
other brothers and sisters allowed themselves to wander out of existence.

Hobbies: Causing chaos, continually frustrated by the fact that she no  
longer has God powers.

Knowledge Of Demons: Extensive knowledge of demons. She likes to use them.

Marital Status: Single

Romantic Involvement (s): None at the moment.

Religious Affiliation: None. Very disillusioned with religion, since    
people stopped believing in her.

Superstitions: That, if she can just wait long enough, people will
worship her again
Personality: Abrasive sums Kaisa up. She does not suffer fools gladly.  
Arrogant also springs to mind. She dislikes physical confrontations and often comes across as a coward.

Education: Nothing official. She just picks things up as she goes along.

Special Abilities: She has an affinity with computers. Chaos come out of
order, she gets that. Can do gravity-defying acrobatics and can, if pressed, be much stronger than your average female. Although not to a Buffy/vampire level of physicality.

Weaknesses: Her mortal body. Although she doesn't get diseases, she can
be killed or injured by the normal methods (eg being run over,pointy weapons)

Miscellaneous: Kaisa used to be a God. She lost most of her powers when 
her worshippers stopped believing in her and is still hugely bitter about that.

Reason for Being in Sunnydale/Los Angeles: She hasn't been in LA since
the 50s and decided she needed a little glamour.

Local Associates: None, having only just arrived.

Fears and Phobias: Being hurt. She is terrified of what happens when she
loses a body. It took her a good twenty years to make this one after the last one had a rail accident.

Psychoses: Huge chip on her shoulder regarding other gods. Particularly 
the Eygptian pantheon

Neuroses: Cannot bear to be controlled, in any way.

Loves: The sea, sushi, all the benefits of modern living. Also,         
surprisingly enough, chaos.

Hatreds: Order and rules. She detests being told what to do.

Background (Family): She is one of two Gods to have decided to stick    
around on the mortal plane, and the other one changed his job description. Death is no longer worshipped as a God.

Background (Personal): She has been on this earth since her days as a
God. She has become rather jaded as a result. She is also intensely, passionately, in love with living.





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