Playing In An RPG

                           There are a few rules which hold true for all RPGs, no matter what the setting. These are not only guidelines for RPing, but also for Internet life in general. All subscribers to the RPGs on these pages are
  expected to follow these guidelines. They fall into three categories: 

Gameplay, Yahoogroups, and Netiquette.



                        Don't rely on profanity to make your point. This isn't to say that I will monitor each and every post for  language content, but overuse of profanity (and believe me, I'm very lenient, potty-mouth that I can be) may result in moderation or unsubscription.

Example of Appropriate Usage of Profanity:
"Pigfuckers!" the woman spat, backing up half a pace and back-to-the-wall, she glared at her defilers.

(this applies to almost any word used in context, character and moderation)

Example of Inappropriate Use of Profanity:
"Shit." Buffy said as the stake snapped . Seeing it was stuck in the vampire's
neck, she wrenched it free and the poor fucker fell to the ground. Her shoulder hurt like a
bitch, and not to mention, it was a hell of a walk back to the library, which was in
Bumfuck compared to here.. She turned on her heel, bitching and bemoaning her shit-out-of-luck and sorry state for a long fucking
time before she fell silent. What a pain in the ass.

It's funny, yes. Some might find it offensive, but it's also bad form, bad writing, and I'm too busy
giggling to try to have any of my characters reply.


         The Kryptic [Smallville], Totentanz [Buffy] and Sleepy Hollow games are for 17 and older. Keep that in mind when writing; material should be suited to those age groups. Never take on the character[s] being played by another user. Doing this will get you immediately unsubbed. Similarly, don't barge in on other players' storylines. If they're looking for extra players, they'll say so.     

                     All posts should be made in the third person.  This is an example
               of how your post should read:

Drusilla sighed and took up the glass, tracing her finger along its edge a moment before
turning at the sound of footsteps.

                        Yes, that was short, but you get the idea. It should not be in first person, such as :

                           "I walk quickly over to Wesley and spit in his soup. Then I laugh."


       All posts should be written in a style appropriate to the setting. A member of the haute ton in the  Regency Era should not speak the same way as a student  in the Smallville RPG; and neither should sound like someone in the Sleepy Hollow  or Buffyverse game.

                         Some RPGs have specific rules; those can be found at their respective homepages. Please
                         take them seriously; players are expected to follow them.


          When replying to a complete message, don't quote the entire thing. Cut out footers, cut out .sig   files, and cut out anything you're not directly replying to. If you're on digest, be careful to not include the entire digest in your reply.

                        Format messages properly. Don't type in all caps. Spelling, punctuation, and grammar count. Using 'u' for 'you', '2' for 'too' or 'to' isn't cute, even in regular e-mail. In RPG posts, it's just plain stupid.

                       Avoid huge .sig files. No .sig file should be longer than four lines.

                        Posts should be made in plain old ASCII text. No HTML, no pictures, no smart quotes or special fonts. Just text. If you want to point to a picture then post it on the 'net, and provide the web address as a link. If you don't have a space on the net to upload it to, you can upload it to the Totentanz Files on the Yahoogroups Site. If it's a .wav file or an mp3, just provide a link to where it can be found and any interested players will be able to access it without crashing their email programs, clogging up their hard drive or other such problems. And now that Yahoogroups has put restrictions on its space, cutting the size from 512MB to 32MB, HTML mail is terribly cluttering to the groups as it takes up much more space than plain old mail.

                       Once the game in underway, the only posts that need to come to this list are roleplay posts. Questions about the list, about the characters, about how the game works, or anything else should go to either the OOC list, Totentalk;or  the moderators.

Generally, I'm pretty flexible here. If you're going to post off-topic, then just make sure that you put 'OT' for 'Off Topic' or 'OOC' (Out of Character) in the subject line. Use this with discretion, but we're quite  friendly here. After all, this is a game, not a dictatorship. It's supposed to be fun.

                       Questions about how to unsubscribe should never, ever be asked. That information is included at the bottom of every message. Players are responsible for managing their own accounts; moderators will not unsubscribe players. If you're having serious account problems, yes, I'll unsub you myself. I'm not that anal-retentive. 

                       If you have comments on how to improve the game, please, please let us know.

                        Everyone makes mistakes, and ends up sending a private message to the list; and sometimes email programmes flip out, and send the same post eight times. It happens to all of us, usually more than once. It's assumed that everyone onlist is mature and responsible; as a result, repeated violations of netiquette will get you removed from the list.


(or the artist formerly known as Egroups. Or was it Onelist?)

 I loathe Yahoogroups. First it was Onelist, then Egroups, and now Yahoogroups. I have to change my links. It's irritating. Yahoo owns
EVERYTHING (yes, that was yelling) on the 'net. It's crappy. It's unreliable. It eats mail (grrrr), but hey, it's also free and easy.

                       We cannot assist individual players with Yahoogroups problems. All we can do is provide [hopefully] helpful links.

          The site address:

Need help?  They have a help centre for all users.
  [How to subscribe; how to change your password; how to register, how to read and post messages]


A few final words on posting

[No one replying to your posts? Maybe this is why:)]

             Reason One: It's Boring/Redundant :
Giles looked around. He walked over to the desk. He sat down. He looked around and wished he  was home. He was tired of research. He hoped someone would come talk to him.

                       Every sentence starts with 'he'. He walked. He sat. He looked. He hoped. It's boring. And in response I walked too. (Away from the computer) I sat. (With my head in my hands) I looked. (Up to the Heavens)  I wished I was on another list. I was tired of bad posts. I hoped someone would use spellcheck and a thesaurus sometime. Another writer, maybe.

                       Reason Two: It's Full of Spelling Errors and Bad Grammar:
 xnader walked oevr to where willOw was stnading "hay, what's up." he said he wlaked
                      over to Cordeliaand said "can you see the vmapries form hear"

                       If you are going to spell anything wrong, do not let it be your character's name, or simple words that could  have just as easily have been spelled correctly  if you would have looked over the post before hitting 'send'.

  Spellcheck is your friend.

                        Reason Three: You're Roleplaying With Yourself:
                        In this game, the authors take on their own roles. If your beginning post has you playing both your character and the role of the potential other player's they are much less likely to reply.And hey, that's what fanfic is for!

                        That isn't to say you can't interact with your own characters. I'm sure I'll have many scenes with my own characters interacting amongst themselves, but I won't have "ATTN: Anyone" in the subject header and I won't expect anyone to reply. Give the other player[s] an opportunity to interact with your character.

                        Reason Four: The Deperate Plea. "PLEASE PLEASE REPLY SOMEONE!!":
         This is a really bad way to title  your subject line or post. It's more likely to deter players from
        responding . If people want to reply, they will. If they don't, well, then write a new post and try that, only with less desperation.

            Reason Five: Writing like U R in a Chatroom:
                    If u want 2 write like yer in a chatroom, go 2 a chatroom. K? Kewl.

                       Reason Six: WRITING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS:
NO ONE WANTS TO ROLEPLAY WITH A CHARACTER THAT TALKS LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME. Caps Lock is the internet equivalent of yelling. The same goes for capitalization and punctuation.

Remember, the key to getting a reply is to make your post interesting.

What Makes An Interesting Post?
(no, I wasn't yelling.)

                      Buffy puts out an (ATTN. Anyone) post, and gets four replies. Well, if you're one of those
                       four, you'd like to get a reply back from them, wouldn't you?

                       Make your reply interesting. If they mention something in particular, say a poem or a place they've been to, then do some background on it. Know specifics of that place. Run your post through a spell check and all that other happy stuff covered above.

                DO NOT:
                       Make your reply one sentence. That gives the other person nothing to go off of. If you absolutely must make it one sentence, then make it a really really good one.

                       Hassle the person by reposting your reply to it fifteen times, assuming that they didn't see it the first time. Maybe they saw it and chose not to reply to it, or maybe you were the sixth or seventh reply and so they just can't get to yours and keep their sanity.

         Use a storyline similar to one of that author's other storylines, only with your character in their place. Number one, they know the plot backwards and forwards from doing it on their own. Number two, it makes it look like you're copying them. Number three, you shouldn't use other people's plots to begin with.



     Do make them interesting.

                        Do look at the storylines of other characters on the list before writing your own to get the hang of the language, etc. Once you've done that do not copy their storyline.

                        Do use your email provider's spellcheck. If it does not have one, do copy and paste it into a word processing program and spell check it there.

          Do use appropriate language.

                       You see that (ATTN. Anyone) in the title examples? That's what to look for.
                      When you see that in the title of a post, it means that the author(s) is opening it for other people
                       to reply to. That is your chance to introduce your character.

                        In order to get a reply, you'll need to make it good. Add some intrigue, either to your character or to the title of the story. A good example of this:
   [Totentanz] Giles/Buffy/Library   [Totentanz] Into The Vipers' Den
  (ATTN. Anyone)         (ATTN. Anyone)

                       Now, honestly...which one are you going to choose? Keep that in mind when you title your posts.