Yane Clare

Character's full name: Yané Clare
Character Type: Human
Character Affiliation: Talamasca: The Talamasca, meaning "Animal Mask" from the Latin, are a secret society, set up to watch the paranormal in action. The name Talamasca was also an old term to describe a witch or a shaman. Their basements are filled with records of phenomena such as Witches, Spirits, Werewolves and of course Vampires. The vaults are only open to senior members and those trusted by the Talamascan. They welcome people with paranormal powers to visit them, occasionally they become aware of individuals with particularly strong powers, these people are investigated and offered a place with their group, but are not obliged to accept the position, though almost invariably they will. Most that make up the Talamascan are mortals. The Talamasca demand complete obedience, loyalty and devotion from their members.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Green

True age: 20

Sex: Female

Height 5' 7"

Weight: 130 lbs

Residence: New Orleans, Amsterdam, London, and Rome (the different locations of the Talamasca headquarters)

Travel Companions or close friends? David Talbot and the Watchers council (for the slayers) She knows Giles but they have a dislike for each other and remains unclear where it stemmed from.

Distinguishing characteristics: None really

Occupation: Respected Member of the Talamasca and History Student

Any other languages: Fluent in French, English and little Latin.

Personality: Yané is fairly reserved and quiet, she follows the orders of her superiors well and cares greatly for others. She has many friends and is fiercely protective of them. However she does have a tendency to be too curious for her own good and lately has been dabbling in witchcraft with the help of one of the warlocks she is supposed to be observing, disobeying the Talamascan code. She also is a bit aggressive when it comes to something she wants.

Any special skills?: Blessed, or indeed cursed, Isabelle had the ability to see and communicate with spirits

History: Yané was born in Normandy, France to an Irish scientist (mother) and French Inventor (father.) She lived in happy childhood with a loving and privileged family. Yané was a bright and extremely intelligent child, finishing high school at the age of 15. She had a bright and promising future, offered a full scholarship to Oxford University and majored in History. Yet tragedy struck the Clare family when Yané s two older brothers were killed in car accident. Yané was only 17 at the time and was heartbroken over the loss of her two brothers. She left Oxford University to be with her family during this difficult time and help her grieving parents. She eventually returned to school at Oxford University but soon began to find things were not well with herself. She began seeing things and hearing voices. Images appeared to her in her dreams calling out for help and giving her glimpses into the future. Yané thought she was going insane and after months of living with this condition she tried to kill herself. But a man named David Talbot saved her and explained that she wasn’t insane but in fact special. She had the gift to communicate with spirits, a mild form of necromancy. David helped Yané strengthen her natural ability and after she proved herself worthy on several occasion he invited her to take a seat on the Talamascan Council. Yané agreed and at the age of 18 she was became the youngest member ever. As far as the outside world is concerned Yané is a student studying under David Talbot to become a History Scholar. Yet inside the Talamasca council she is trusted advisor and head of the department that keeps the records for witches and necromancers.

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