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What's a fanlisting and why would I want to join one? It's simply a list of fans from all over the world  that have banded together via 'The Fanlistings' to show their mutual love and/or obsession over a certain concept, person , place or thing. If you love Archie, Tim Roth, or are obsessed with foppy men in general [ a la moi], then you should just join, already! If you don't, perhaps you came across this page by happy accident.

Who is Archibald Cunningham? Well, besides being a semifactual historical character, Archibald Cunningham is a bastard abroad, a seeker of the favours of great men, a wicked, sociopathic swordsman and violator of women.  He's also a foppy fashionista who keeps getting himself indebted to his tailor. The role was in my opinion, the best in the film, and Roth was rightly nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 1996 which he sadly, did not win.